Agro Lake Garden Supply store! Tour originally recorded, August 2019 The biggest garden supply store in our area!! .

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Agro Lake Garden Supply store!

- Thank you for sharing video with us shorty love your videos ; )
- Wow great store I wish it was closer to me I would for sure buy lot from them
- Hey Shorty! 💘 the store! I'd be like a kid in the candy store!! So many choices
- Wow they have everything
- Love the back ground music, thanks for sharing.
- I like the Iris isopropyl 99 food grade,gonna have to look into isopropyl food grade,I normally go everclear 190 it's 28 a 5th,the pharmacy isopropyl didn't go well with stomach made hot chocolate and after a few sips I knew if I drank it I would regret.i am a tight ass and like to get all I can out of cannabis,I like to do lite soaks with everclear and then soak the left over in everclear for months after I fill jar,comes out strong.gonna use some vegetable oil and mix rso and make stuff or casples...
Thanks for sharing..
- No heavy 16 products??
- You are making me jealous there isn't anything to compare to that store in my whole state WV still not legal here yet medical. Passed but they have only approved the pills no flower or anything else cross your fingers that it will pass this summer term of the house
- Seems like no one's ever inside these places only Grab & Go folks
- Welcome back😜